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    lock transparancy layer color


      Hi all,


      I created a layer over the entire workarea with a yellow color. I set the transparancy to 10%. It overlay's a blank white backround, so I get a subtle yellow background color.


      I placed 2 pictures on top of the 'background-yellow-layer' . These pictures overlap, so I wanted to put a rectangle with the same color as the background-yellow in between the pictures. That way I create a border around one image, but the border has the exact same color as the background.


      I can't do this. Because when I overlap 2 layers with yellow 10% transparancy, the color gets darker where the layers overlap. (2 times 10% yellow).


      Now I wan't the color code of the yellow while it's transparant, so I can apply that specific color without transparancy. Can anyone tell me how to achive this?

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          You're going about it the wrong way. either pick a color tat is already a light yellow either in the swatch panel or from the color panel's picker and make a swatch of that color and you might turn that into a global color as well and color both the background rectangle and the overlapping rectangle/


          I am not certain there is a reason for an overlapping rectangle either. But certainly no need for the white filled rectangle.


          Or you could if you need to make it complex, select a darker yellow turn it into a global swatch and reduce the tint percentage in the color panel.


          Use the for the background yellow and the overlapping yellow rectangle.


          But I think you should post a screen shot of what you have and want to do as it seems unnecessarily complex.

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            AB_Jeroen Level 1

            tnx for your reply. From the color panel I could select a yellow color between pure yellow and white. That way I could make a light-yellow color without using transparancy! Added that one to my swatchlist, so it's working now