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    Related Topics button on first topic opened causes hang

    Dino Fenton



      there was discussion of this problem some time ago but without resolution. To test whether it was specific to my project or something in my environment, I opened the sample Clownfish School project. It opens fine, of course. I then added a Related Topics (RT) button to one of its topics and closed the project (I did add one topic link to the button). When I open the project again and select the topic I added the button to first, RH hangs.


      This is the same behaviour I'm seeing in my own project. I can open a topic without an RT button first then proceed to open all other topics happily, but if I close all topics I cannot then open one with an RT button without it hanging again. That is, there has to be a topic without the button open at all times.


      I'm running on my hard disk (under my Documents drive, which is on a D: partition), on an XP system, running RH7 patched to 7.03.01. I reinstalled RH7 this morning just in case that made a difference - it didn't. The RT button code is the standard produced by RH - I changed nothing at all there.


      I did change to using Office 2007 about the time this began happening, but didn't notice any correlation between the two events.


      All help appreciated.


      Dean fenton