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    MUI Install


      Hi All,


      Our organization has offices in a few European countries and I am looking to provide each country with a Citrix environment in their own native language. The only stumbling block to date is Adobe Reader.


      I've read a few threads so far about a MUI installed but I cannot find this installer... if someone has a link to this please send this to me?


      Alternatively, if such a thing does not exist how can I achieve this short of looking into things like Citrix AIE environments, etc?


      Many thanks,



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          EkilErif Level 1

          I have found a post which said the only real way to install Acrobat reader in MUI mode is to download and install acrobat reader in each of the various languages which you require and install these seperately.


          To do this you need to:

          1. Create your directory structure i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\English, C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Spanish, etc

          2. Now you can install each different language into its folder.

          3. Now you need to create a configuration within your login script to configure the PDF File Type to point to each of the various installations.


          In theory this sounds logical and fairly simple to accomplish, the only problem is that for some or other unknown reason when my users open a pdf document it still opens with the english version of acrobat reader.


          Anyone else done anything similar?