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    Why does stretch tool lose it's stretch when exporting from CS3?

    piprod Level 1

      I record concerts with FX1's and an FX1000. Sometimes I use a Zoom HD4 recorder to capture audio from the mixing desk to mix with the 'room' sound on a camera.


      The Zoom internal sample clock is slightly different to the DV/HDV footage, so I have to use the stretch tool to match the length of sound with the camera footage.


      All is fine. I save the project - still fine. I render out to anything FLASH, DVD, HD-BD then the stretch reverts to it's original length, so both on the output and the project timeline are out of sync.


      Have tried it many times with the same result.


      The only way I could fix it, was to Render and Replace. Which you can only do on a machine with Soundbooth.


      Any idea why this happens?


      Is there another way round it, rather than rendering, as I only have Soundbooth on one of my machines.