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    Why does a dynamic text box have a word limit?




      I am having a few problems atm with flash and wondering whether I am asking too much from flash or whether I am being stupid. Basically what I am trying to achieve is a box that is 300px by 300 px, within that box I have some text that I would like to place inside. As I would like to be able to regularly update this box (its a news feed) I have linked it too a .txt file. The problems that I have come across is that flash seems to have a limit on the amount of text it will allow in a dynamic text field. As even tho I have more text in my txt document, its is not displayed. This is how I have come to the presumtion that flash must be limiting the amount of text.


      Am I correct or is there something I am missing?


      I have uploaded the file to my web space for ppl to have a gander.




      if someone could get back to me and shed some light on the matter I would greatly appreciate it!