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    How Do I: Accessibility for Text

    Jerry62712 Level 1

      Text components are billed as accessibile.  But when I go over a page in JAWS, it doesn't read them.  How do I get them to be read in JAWS?

      More information:


      <mx:HBox id="resultResidenceSizeBox"
           <mx:Label id="resultResidenceSizeLabel" 
                text=" " 
                toolTip=" " height="100%"/>
           <mx:Text id="resultResidenceSizeData"
                width="15%" />

      Both "Label" and "Text" are accessible according to Adobe.  The "toolTip" is blank because I couldn't change it in programming unless a default value was added.  Neither "reads" from JAWS, but stuff on the first page (state) does.