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    Adobe Customer service


      I cant believe with all or technology and as many people having having as much trouble with adobe reader and windows programs, that adobe is still in business. I have started tyhe process od switching to apple products. Apple is so professional and there support when rarely needed is the best of the best.  Stop using window products and spend the extra money for apple products, I promise you its worth every penny. You will not spend as much time wasting your time trying to correct all the ******** problems related to windows products. This is the best information and for sight you will ever get. Move on to bigger and more professional products. You cant even find an adobe phone number, I challenge anyone to come up with an adobe free support phone number.

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          You complain about Adobe service and tell everyone to switch from Microsoft to Apple. This makes no sense. Do not get me wrong. My Mac is my main computer, but your logic befuddles me. Adobe Reader is a free product. Adobe doesn't charge for its use. Adobe does offer telephone technical support for a fee. It is unreasonable to think a modern corporation can offer free support for a free product that is used by people all over the world.


          Since it appears you have switched from a Windows environment to a Mac OS X environment there is no reason to offer you support here to solve your problem.  If you change your mind, we are here to help. Please give us details of the version of Reader you are using, the version you are trying to upgrade to and exactly which version of the OS you are using.

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            frankedwards wrote:


            I challenge anyone to come up with an adobe free support phone number.

            I challenge YOU to come up with a free support number for Apple (assuming you aren't under warranty, which technically isn't free. You just pre-payed).


            Simple fact is, hardly anyone ever gives free support for a free product. Especially one that is so widely used in the world. Apple, Microsoft, Adobe...etc are no exceptions to the rule.


            At least with Adobe and Apple, you have the option to come in to a support forum that is payed for by the company to get free help from fellow users.

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              There is only 1 reason I have keeped my original PC and thats because my MLS LIBOR service has not upgraded to MAC. It's only a matter of time. Apple support is top. Were is your phone number to contact support. Why doesnt your support help people walk them through there issues. Your software is free but the time I spend trying to get it to work properly costs me a lot of time and money. My servicw with MLS still to this date does not work.


              Frank Edwards

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                Hi All, we have decided to take the continued customer service problem with Adobe to Facebook, we created an event where open discussion can take place, please come and join and be part of a much needed change in Adobe's customer service practices, everyone is welcome to give input, so please pass the word - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=123258472738


                On a hopeful note, we're looking forward to Adobe's customer care team being part of the conversation as well. Here's what we'd like:

                Respectful dialogue, true incidences - sure be assertive just don't be abusive. We hope to urge Adobe to improve client service at the corporate level.

                Thanks all-