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    Using shaped Icons within Flex as buttons

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      I have a created app but myself and the guy I'm doing it for want to make it look more attractive. The main thing we want to do is include icons as navigation buttons. An example that he has his mind set on is the top buttons/icons from this disney website:-




      I'm wondering if such an effect is possible within Flex. I already have icons of my own but what I want is when each of these icons is hovered over within my app it glows. Obviously the glow effect could be easily achieved using the glow eefect within flex applied to the rollover property of each icon but the problem is I want the icons alone to glow, not the outer edge of the canvas or object that they are contained within.


      I was hoping I could apply each icon to a transparent canvas and then when each canvas is hovered over the icon glows. Now the problem here would be that the icon would have a backround to it so what I also need to know is there any way of "cutting out" icons using another type of program that anybody knows about? Basically I want some way of making each icon a cardboard cut out with no background.


      To explain what I mean lets say that the envelope in the foloowing example was one of my icons and I wanted to save just the envelope as an image without the black coloured background:-




      I hope I'm making sense. Can anyone shed any light on this or am I getting a bit ahead of myself?