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    html links in text component




      I need a second set of eyes on this -- I have been hitting my head against the wall on this for WEEKS!


      To see the problem, go here: http://tynan.unisonagency.com/demo6/
      click on "menu", then the first panel "menu". Trying clicking the links in the html text.


      I made a component to load the HTML text into a view. I don't understand why the <a href='event:http://www.somesite.com'>link</a> type links are not working. The CSS is all correct, and you can see the mouseOver effect, but there is no "hand" link, nor does the link work. I have made similar components in this app that display and link just fine! (see the Locations page's link to the google map, for example).

      I attached the offending html content in a txt file.


      I appreciate in advance any tips you might have if you're able to give this a look-see.




      mxml component code that does not link <a> tags.

      html content I am trying to get to link.

      screenshot of offending view in flex app