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    Adobe cs3 won't install on Windows 7(32-bit)!


      A friend of mine finally convinced me to install Windows 7, and he had good reason to. This OS really lives up to the hype thats been going on...but, Im having trouble installing an ESSENTIAL program(s) to this great OS, Adobe CS3 Design Premium. I installed Windows 7 (32-bit) from a DVD, with the product key, which I think is the "clean install" Ive been hearing about. I read something that says Windows 7 doesn't recognize a certain file associated with Cs3, maybe thats why it wont load. I attached a screen shot of my system specs, if it helps. But this is what happened.


      - When I insert the software DVD, the autoplay feature pops up, then Windows "User Account Control" asks me if I want to allow the changes.


      - I click "Yes," and then the "Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium" window pops up and gives me the option to: Install CS3 Design Premium; Install Adobe Acrobat 8; and Browse CD.


      - I choose "Install CS3" and then a window "Initializing Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium" with a progress bar.


      - The bar fills up, but when it finishes nothing happens.


      I checked the tasked manager and see that, that adobe setup.exe is running somehow, but nothing happens. I have search on Adobe forums and google for possible solutions, but nothing has worked so far. I have tried:


      - Runnning the setup application from the DVD (in Adobe Design Premium CS3 folder) as "Administrator"

      - Ran "wincs3clean," to remove any existing adobe programs from the system.

      - Ran ccleaner, to fix/repair any registry problems or anything else.

      - Tried copying the content of the DVD onto the desktop and run it as Admin.

      - Used the command.exe (as admin) and ran the "regsvr32 jscript.dll" and "regsvr32 vb(something)"

      - Ran Windows 7 in "simplified" mode, where I disabled any services/processes from interferring with the setup, through the msconfig feature.

      - Cleared the Windows temporary files, as this was a solution for Vista, I thought might work.

      - Tried updating my drivers, everything was uptodate.

      - Called Adobe Technical support, waited about 30 mins, and then was told "Adobe does not support Windows 7, so the install may or maynot work." (They could help if they wanted to).

      - Tried restarting in a previous version, to see if it would install, but the admin password that I had before isnt working now for some reason.



      screen shot.jpg


      Ive seen reports of people having Adobe CS3 installed on Windows 7 and working fine, so I know its possible. Its just frustrating that I cant get it to work. Somebody (bodies), please help me. Let me know if there is any other info needed. Ive struggling with this for some time now.


      Thanks A-Mil in advance,


      Gary D.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          My guess is that CS4 will be supported when Win 7 is released but I doubt CS3 will.


          That said, I've installed CS3 on Win 7 successfuly so I know it can be done.


          Is your Win7 install a RC, beta or RTM? You might try downloading this: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx and try to install in XP mode.



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            I feel your pain Gary.  I just posted my first query on this Adobe forum and couldn't help but notice we have almost identical worries.  I am in the process of upgrading from  32-bit Vista SP2 to 32-bit Windows 7 Professional.  Risk trashing a  perfectly good working CS4 presently on a Vista o/s by de-acticating just so I can free up a Adobe  license I posted a question asking if anyone has successfully installed CS4 Design Premium on the newest Microsoft o/s, i.e., Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate.  I know Win7 is not  out as yet but for select people who have gotten legitimate copies just so they can validate all their mission critical apps will migrate problem free going from Vista to Win7.  I suspect there will be limited responses until after October when Ballmer finally announces order taking for Win7 to the general public.  In the interim,  IT personnel and developers like myself are "shaking in our boots" should we or shouldn't we try and install CS3/CS4 and hope for the best.  Kind of sucks being in a support position or in your case a individual going bleeding edge by upgrading.


            Not very happy with Adobe support ...never have and never will with their "pre-canned" responses.  Very good products but horrid support.  In the interest of not steping toes, if you make progress email me with your fix at stjoes123@gmail.com as I do not care to publically post my real business email address.  I'll light a candle for you and wish you the best if it will help!....

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Adobe released a Snow Leopard FAQ only two days before it was released. I wouldn't expect a statement on Win7 much before October 20.


              But I would fully exect CS4 to be supported and I've tested CS3 and CS4.


              If you're that worried, you'll just have to wait. In the mean time, why aren't you testing and providing the feedback for others?



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                swong6 Level 1
                Good news to report....couldn't wait for responses from all my posts on all the Adobe related forums so I decided to "roll the dice" and attempt a clean CS4 Design Premium install on Microsoft Windows 7 Professional o/s.  My concerns include having to de-activate a good working copy of the same CS4 Design Premium on a Vista Ultimate SP2 workstation, chasing down all the 3rd party plug-in's and deactivating again prior to Monday so I could get the Vista workstation back to it's original production state.  The good news is CS4 Design Premium WILL cleanly install on Win7 Professional provided you disable UAC. Approximately 50% of the third party plug-in's will NOT install including Xerox Corporation's VPP...a mission critical add on which was expected.  XmPie's uDirect and uImage however install cleanly and in demo mode I can process records uneventfully.  Enfocus PitStop Pro appears buggy so I will continue testing throughout the day.  Let me know if anyone needs a screen shot of CS4 under Win7 Pro.....


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                  i am having very similar issues and after working on this for days i'm ready to trash all Adobe products..   i've been in DP for 35 years and have never had this much trouble with anything - ever.


                  i migrated to a new machine using windows 7 from and XP machine.  i used PCmover to port applications and all are working just fine except my Adobe CS3 products.   When i try to open them i get some sort of message about catastophic licensing problem and the product immediately closes.  i'd detail the error but it's only up for about  4 milliseconds before it disappears.


                  so i tried reinstalling CS3 and it loads the autoplay just fine and then i click on 'install adobe cs3' icon and see the progress bar moving for about 2 secons and then that disappears and then NOTHING.


                  so i found suggestions about using the CS5 cleaner tool and ran that bout it didn't even find the application..


                  so i went to control panel and clicked on 'uninstall' for CS3 and it seems run for about 3 seconds and then NOTHING..


                  so i installed a windows cleanup tool that was recommended but that's been retired by Microsoft because it caused other problems so i didn't run it..


                  short of formatting my hard drive and starting over installing over 50 apps on my new computer, i'm at a loss and so extremely frustrated with Adobe that i am willing to learn another set of programs to replace them and to tell the world.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Never use migration tools to move Adobe applications. You could have avoided all this grief by installing from the original media.


                    Given that they were never properly installed I'm not at all surprised at the trouble you're having and yes, I'd recommend blowing the machine out reinstalling Windows.



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                      tyankee7 Level 1

                      WOW - the arrogance..    did i happen to mention that 54 other apps moved fine using PCmover??   and ONLY adobe had an issue??   to flatly state 'blowup and reinstall windows'..   you mustn't have a real job where time is money..  every other piece of software on the planet can be removed by at the very worst removing registry entries and other hidden files..  but NO, not Adobe..  you might then decide to use other products and they'd lose their grip on you..    Horrible, horrible horrible answer.

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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        It's not arrogance, it's fact.


                        It would be nice if there was some magic button that would move apps from one machine to another but with Adobe stuff it's a crapshoot at best. The fact that you don't like the answer doesn't make it wrong or horrible.


                        Good luck,



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                          tyankee7 Level 1

                          actually there IS a magic button if you read my first post - it's called PCMover and it moved everything fine EXCEPT for Adobe CS3..   and i guess you can distinguish between arrogance and fact but it's all in the presentation and you're was arrogance.

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                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            No, it's you being arrogant and insisting that something that doesn't work and has been proven not to work over and over again, does.


                            I'm done here. I tried to help, you don't want to listen so again...


                            Good luck,



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                              tyankee7 Level 1

                              so sad that it says 'community professional' next to your name..  maybe it should say 'retired with nothing better to do'..  LOL


                              anyway for anyone out there just as frustrated as I was over the past 5 days with Adobe and this issue, I found a great program that actually uninstalled all of the Adobe parts and let me re-install finally..  It is called REVO Uninstaller..  Pretty easy to use too..  If you have any questions contact me directly as you can see why kind of 'help' you get here on this forum from Adobe..