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    Loop on element with variables


      Ok, I have 10 textInputs that are named tiDepart1, tiDepart2, tiDepart3... The only different character is the number of the TI.


      So what I want to do is simply have a loop on a random number of these TI and attribute them some properties.


      For example :










      ( i=0 ; i < 6 ; i++ ){






      you can see the little i fitting in the space where the number of the TI should be. So with this command, i manage to set all these elements the property visible at true.


      It's a simple and useful command, wich will save me a lot of code if i can manage to make it work.


      Is anybody have an idea about how to make this work  ?


      I also thought that maybe it would be necessary to put my elements into an array so i can loop on them easily.

      But is it possible to include elements such as a combo box or a text input into an array and still have access to their properties.


      Thank you very much and sorry for bad english.




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