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    Searching entire Help

    rinpa35 Level 1

      Working inside RoboHelp 8, I see how to search for a keyword within a topic -


      How do I search for a key word and bring up results for ALL topics in the help

      which have this word?


      It may be something I'm missing right in front of me - but I don't see from

      the Find dialogue box how to search beyond one topic...

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Have you tried clicking Edit > Find and Replace in Files?




          I know it says "and Replace", but it will also just find things.


          Cheers... Rick



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            rinpa35 Level 1

            Yes - I tried this once before, but I believe it brought up just the html -

            I want to be able

            to make changes in the design editor - so I'm wondering if I need to check


            "Ignore HTML tags" box?  Yes? 

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              rinpa35 Level 1

              How can I search for a word in the entire project and see the instances in the design editor?


              What is the purpose of the Edit, "Find and Replace in Files" option?

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                ElisaFnord Level 2

                Remember, every help topic is a separate file - it's not like finding a word in a single long document. You have to display each topic separately. RoboHelp doesn't open all the topics in the Design editor because your search word might be in every topic in your project - that's too many topics to have open at the same time.


                The Find & Replace in Files command works like the Search results list that your users see in the generated help. It shows the list of topics with your search word. You display each topic you want to look at by using the Edit button (I think it's the Edit button - I don't have RH8 in front of me). You can have more than one topic open, if you choose to.


                I don't know if the search word is highlighted for you when you open the topic from Find & Replace in Files. If it isn't, that might be a good feature to ask for on the Bug Report and Wish List form (the link is on the main RoboHelp Support forum page).

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                  rinpa35 Level 1

                  OK thanks, I will keep this in mind when searching - I've tried a couple of times using

                  "find and replace in files" and the search just kept running indefinitely - so I'm trying

                  to troubleshoot exactly which items to check on the "find and replace in files"



                  thanks for your feedback!

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                    georgina.salls Level 1

                    I have another way to do this. It's imperfect and perhaps inelegant, but I've had trouble with the Find and Replace feature myself, and I find this to be faster.


                    I generate my .CHM file (making sure the Advanced Searching options are enabled) and use the user search feature in the CHM file. The hit highlighting makes it easy to locate the offending word on the page.


                    Of course, you have to manually make each change in RoboHelp and then re-generate your output, but the searching process is fast and easy (and most importantly for me) the search process happens outside of RoboHelp, so I'm working from a static list, rather than a list that changes with each edit I make.