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    Is there any information on running Flex Builder on Mac OS 10.6?


      The reason I ask is that Eclipse 3.3 appears to require the 32-bit SWT Carbon  libraries which are no longer present in 10.6.  10.6 ships only with Java 6 in  32 bit and 64 bit versions, but without (I believe) any support for  Carbon.


      To cite a specific problem, if I try to do an Ant build of a  Miller project in Flex Builder 3 on 10.6, at the stage where it tries to pop  up  the "select [local|test|prod]" dialog box, the build fails because it can't find  the necessary SWT Carbon library to render the dialog.  I tried forcing Flex  Builder to use the 32 bit Java 6 JRE but without luck.


      There is some  evidence that the later Eclipse releases, i.e., 3.5, may no longer use the  Carbon libraries for rendering UI objects, but I'm not aware of whether the Flex  Builder 3 plugin for eclipse supports this version of eclipse.


      Thoughts?   Is this a good time to spend more time with the Flex Builder 4 beta?