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    Adobe Dimensions

    saysf1 Level 1

      Does anyone know of a "Vector Modeling Program" like the old Adobe Dimensions?


      Does anyone know why Adobe doesn't either continue selling Dimensions, or put all of Dimensions capabilities into Illustrator? I am no programmer, but it seems like it wouldn't be extremely difficult to add the Dimensions capabilities to Illustrator.


      I have Dimensions on an old machine, but it is a hassle to go back and forth between two computers.


      I really liked the modeling, camera, and rendering power of Dimensions. The 3D tools in Illustrator are weak and offer little control.


      But Illustrator does have a lot of other nice stuff...just not 3D stuff...and the 3D programs like Carrera are fun...but they aren't vector programs. The nice thing about vector programs is the ease of make changes to objects.

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          [scott] Level 6

          Unfortunately it doesn't exist.


          There is nothing on the market as good as Dimensions was. I've searched high and low, and while there are some decent apps out there (Swif.t3D, Strata) they still don't compare to the ease and versatility of Dimensions in some areas.


          I keep an old iBook around with OS9 and Dimensions loaded on it.. and will until something comes along that's as good and easy.

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            saysf1 Level 1

            Thanks, Scott. I guess I'll just have to keep using my old computer in conjunction with my new computer, until I can find another similar program.

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              [scott] Level 6

              Check out Swif.t3d From Electricrain.com and Strata 3D from strata.com.


              I've been playing with Swif.t3D and it'll handle some things pretty well.


              Strata looks good but I haven't tried it yet. I'm not 100% of it's capabilities when it comes to vectors. From their web site it appears to be more Photoshop based.

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                saysf1 Level 1

                I'll check those out...thanks. I use to use Ray Dream Designer a little bit...and it was kind of a nice little program. I've been creating a few models in Carrara Pro, which I think took over Ray Dream. I don't really know those programs too well. They are kind of bulky and I would prefer a quick and simple vector model. Thanks again.

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                  [scott] Level 6

                  I was in a similar situation when I found Swif.t3d. Except I was looking specifically for type altering via 3D. Not many packages, including Cararra and Ray Dream do that.

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                    Steve Fairbairn Level 5

                    I have bellyached about this problem several times on this forum.

                    I also have to hop back to an old machine when it comes to proper 3D modelling with vector output.

                    Unfortunately Dimensions has been discontinued and I haven't found anything to replace it effectively.

                    The 3D widget that comes with Illy is totally spastic because there's no way to create a proper 3D scenario that you can fly around in. You can only do single objects, one at a time. That business with Symbols for mapping vis-à-vis a simple Copy/Paste also seems to be not much more than an unnecessary time-consuming nuisance.


                    Like you say, it shouldn't be much of a problem for Adobe to recreate Dimensions for OS X but they're just not listening to us.


                    We never seem to get any feedback from Adobe on this forum - I don't know if they even read it. I have posted feature requests but to no avail as yet. So if there IS any Adobe person reading this, maybe he/she could tell us why we are not allowed do proper 3D vector stuff on a state-of-the-art Adobe application. It makes one wonder what century Adobe is living in.

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                      Skullmaker Level 3

                      If you really want the best 3D program, you may want to look at Autodesk Maya.(http://usa.autodesk.com/) You can download the Trial Version.


                      It has a Vector Render feature:

                      Outputs to Macromedia® Flash® (SWF or SWFT), Adobe® Illustrator® (.ai), SVG, EPS, or bitmap formats.


                      I hope this helps!

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                        saysf1 Level 1

                        Thanks Skullmaker, I'll check that out!

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                          sapphiregraphics1 Level 1

                          When you say it has a "Vector Render" feature, do you mean that it exports polygons? All the 3D software I've seen (besides Dimensions) exports polygons, so your 3D circle isn't really a circle (as in Dimensions) but a multi-sided polygon.


                          This is bad because it drives up the file size if you want to make the circle smooth, and it still looks crappy if you zoom in.


                          I still haven't found anything to match Dimensions (despite its numerous bugs).