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    Image control in TileList causing memory bloat

      I am creating an AIR application using Flex that allows you to drag a list of images onto a TileList. The TileList item container just has an Image control and a Label control to show a thumbnail of the image and the filename.

      When I drag about 60 files onto the TileList totaling roughly 94MB in size, the memory usage on my AIR app shoots up from around 15 MB to over 1.1GB of usage, and the scrolling on the TileList becomes impossible.

      On my dragDrop event handler I'm just getting the path to each file and adding that to an array. Then I bind the array of strings to the TileList. As the TileList is binding it just grabs the path out of the array and sets it as the source for the Image control. That's it.

      Any ideas as to why this might be happening or what I'm doing wrong? It seems like this should be a straightforward action and not something that causes such a massive memory spike.