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    Unable to view ComboBox inside AdvancedDataGridColumn



      First I ahve to say that I am a beginner in Flex domain.

      I am trying to show options in combobox inside an AdvancedDataGridColumn. In total I have two columns. One is a regular data column and the other is a ComboBox. I am able to see the first column but not the combobox one. Below is the code snippet.


      I am not sure whats missing. Any help is really appreciated. I tried to lookup other examples but could not figureout whats missing.




























      id="assignmentDataGrid" alternatingItemColors="[#EEEEFF,#EEEEFF]




      {filteredAvailableReports}" width="100%" rowCount="10"







      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="reportName" headerText="Report Name




      name" labelFunction="reportsListLabelFunction"





      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="ftpConnCol" headerText="FTP Options" editable="true" editorDataField="value"










      <mx:ComboBox editable="true"