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    "Go to Page View" Link Reportedly Does Not Work: Troubleshooting Steps/Suggestions?




      I have a file on the Internet (http://lessons.pennfoster.com/pdf/059834.pdf) that contains a link intended to let students jump right to page 27 in another online PDF.


      It seems to work OK, but some students are complaining that the embedded "go to page view" link does not work for them. So far, I haven't been able to replicate their problem.


      The students reinstall the latest version of Reader, and they are able to open other PDFs online, but any "go to page view" links still fail to function for them.


      Has anyone else come across such problems with cross-linked PDF files? Does anyone know of any setting adjustments that could/should be recommended to the students or any thing that can be tried when building the files or links?


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      -- Paul