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    Psychology of Color – A Survey

    James Lynch Br

      I have been reading about the psychology of color, especially as it relates to color grading and building a “mood” in films. There seems to be a consensus in western culture about many word-color associations; death/black, passion/red, purity/white etc. that we see reflected in how colorists design the mood into productions.

      I have built a survey to develop a better understanding of the relationship between the feelings certain words evoke and the color we associate with those feelings. I am now seeking people that are willing to spend ten or fifteen minutes filling out a survey relating words to colors. I intend to collate the answers and distribute the findings to the people who participate in the survey and to the Forum.

      Those who are willing to participate, please download the attached Excel file, follow the instructions and return your completed list to me at lynchjtl@gmail.com.