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    securing .swf and media files


      I'm looking for ideas for securing my media (or at least making it more difficult to steal) and also my .swf files.


      In this case "media" refers to .mp3 and .flv files.


      I have  flash programs (learning drills) that works like this:


      1. the html code points to a .swf file (which can be in a different directory)
      2. the .swf file looks for a .xml file in the same directory as the html file
      3. the .xml file specifies where to find the media files (via file paths)


      So, anyone who reads my xml file can then figure out where my media is located.


      I do have one idea, and that would be to put the .xml file at a different place on the server, outside of the publicly accessable area.


      But, I don't know if Flash can read in the data using server paths.


      Anybody know a good way for me to protect my media, and possibly my .swf files?