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    Synchronize ?


      Ive been having problems  Synchronizing photo's in the latest version of ACR Im doing it the same way I did the last version (Select All then hit Synchronize and have all options selected) and that worked fine.Any ideas?



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          What are the specific problems?  I've had no issues using Synchronize on ACR 5.4.


          Richard Southworth

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            Unclepullmyfinger Level 1

            I have a studio where I do my shooting and I have a grey card that I use I save that white balance and then aplly that to the top image then pick Synchronize and they do seem to change but not to the top image.Like I said I did not have this problem on the last version.


            Thanks for your time

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              rasworth Level 1

              Just to make sure your procedure is correct:


              1. Select a single image and apply the changes, this will be the master,


              2. Either click on Select All or hold down the control key and select additional images.  The master image should have a border - the other images to be synchronized must also be selected but will not have the border..


              3. Click on Synchronize, then make sure all the desired settings are checked (choose Everything from the drop down if all parameters are to be included), and click OK.


              Richard Southworth

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                Unclepullmyfinger Level 1

                Interesting thats exactly what im doing and thats what I did with the previous version and the previous worked fine this doesnt???


                Thanks again for your time Richard

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                  rasworth Level 1

                  Ok, time to supply some more detail - what type of system, raw files,  ACR preference settings, etc.  Better to provide too much info rather than too little, give forum members a chance to help.  I suggest you try some very limited experiments, such as loading two raw files into ACR, drastically changing exposure on one, then see if you can synchronize the second to the first.


                  Richard Southworth

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                    Unclepullmyfinger Level 1

                    Cameras are Canon 50D 1D Mark III 1DS MarkIII  Mac Pro.Actually I would rather just install the last version that worked fine.I did try to intall the last verision last night and it would go because it said you already have a newer version installed so I went and deleted the plug in and it still would load for the same reason.Oh the pain.


                    Thanks once again for your time Richard.