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    Not able to load Flash on my desktop (works on the web)

    Tracy McLoud



      Experience with Flash: very very little (very)

      Version: CS4

      Operating system: XP Pro


      I was given an FLV file to display on the web. I imported the file into flash and exported it as an html file.


      The movie worked great online, but then I was asked to save a copy of the movie on a CD to send it to a client - I saved all the files in a folder. I tested it on my computer and I was able to view the movie, but when the client loaded the html page, all they saw was a bar (that has the volume & play buttons) and a green line that scrolls across it. Here's what it looks like


      Some people can load the html file and view the movie and others cannot (on their desktop). On some computers I tried updating the flash player (I removed the existing one first), but it still did not work.


      As much as I’d like to be, I am not a Flash developer – I just use it to the extent that I must (the nature of my job)


      Did I provide enough information for someone to be able to tell what the issue is and how to resolve it?


      If not, please let me know what else is needed and I will be glad to provide more relevant information.


      Thank you.