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    [CS4][JS] Exporting text frame to InCopy


      This is a comment, not a question.


      I have just spent the past two hours trying to figure out how to export an InDesign text frame to InCopy.


      I finally worked out two ways to do it. (This is to export the frame to a different folder with the same name as the InDesign document.)


          thisTextFrame.exportFile(ExportFormat.incopyMarkup, folderInCopy + myInDesign.name);
          thisTextFrame.exportFile("InCopy Document", folderInCopy + myInDesign.name);


      What was confusing me was that "ExportFormat.incopyDocument" exports as a CS3-compatible file, but "ExportFormat.incopyMarkup" exports as a CS4 InCopy document.


      But when you use a string, it is the other way around, and "InCopy Document" exports as a CS4 InCopy document.


      Just thought I'd mention that.