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    editing DVD video


      I have a client who is providing to me DVDs of various videos he has had produced, and wishes me to include them in a website. Since I got Premiere Pro as part of my CS4 package, I thought, no problem - I can just import the DVD video and edit out the first bit (the color bars and a blue screen with the production notes/title for the TV stations), and reencode it as an FLV to put on my media server and play via a streaming player.


      I got it loaded into premeir (after I found I couldn't just open a video, but rather have to start a new project - very annoying!), I figured out how to place the .vob file onto the timeline after I imported it into the project... but now I cannot figure out how to select the first 24 seconds and delete it.


      I tried searching the local and online help files, but nothing came up. This can't be that rare, can it?



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          This is so basic that I am going to recommend you give your client back his money and apologize for pretending to be an editor.

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            RossPubGrp Level 1

            I am not an editor - I am a website designer. I am well versed in the elements of my job. I happen to have premier pro, so when he asked me if I could put the videos online from a DVD, instead of trying to track down the original files, I told him I should be able to do so.


            You, sir, are quite rude, by the way. If you had actualy read the full post of my initial query, you could have inferred all of the above if you have at least normal intelligence. So, either you are retarded, or you jumped in with a rude response without fully reading/comprehending my post. Either way, I do dearly wish I could post a negative strike against you instead of only a helpful/correct answer.

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              John Currie Level 1

              Hi RossPubGrp


              This link may help, it takes you to a Podcast by Jeff Schell




              Scroll down until you find:


              podcast 01 ipod.mp4,  just launch the podcast by clicking on it.


              It's for CS 3 but I suspect CS 4 will be very similar.



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                RossPubGrp Level 1

                Thank you, John... that did help!

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                  Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                  These forums can get pretty boring. About died laughing at Jim Simon's reply. Reminds me of a time we were on a shoot. The finished video was to be an automotive training video. The talent was experienced and has been in numerous TV commercials as well as small parts in major motion pictures. Although there was a teleprompter, the verbage was laced with tech terms and the talent kept screwing up his lines. Our producer calmly in his British accent said; "This take, It may go better if you imagine yourself a real actor as opposed to a second rate hack."


                  Don't feel bad, RossPubGrp. When it comes to Web design, to me either CSS sucks or I just ain't gettin it. Give me an HTML table layout any day.




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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    I cannot figure out how to select the first 24 seconds and delete it.


                    You've gotten links to some tutorials, that will tell you how to do this and more, but for those following along at home, there are two quick ways to do just this:


                    1.) Click on the Head of your Video Clip, and drag it to the right. I'd do this with the Info Panel visible, just to make sure that my "click-drag" was perfectly 00;00;24;00 (there are other monitors for the TimeCode, but I like Info Panel). If you wish to leave that 24 sec. gap, just click-drag. If you wish the new Head to move to 00;00;000;00, add the Ctrl key, and when you Trim that 24 sec., the new In Point (Head) will move to the beginning of the Timeline.


                    2.) Move the CTI (Current Timeline Indicator) to 00;00;24;00, and hit Ctrl+k to Razor your targeted Tracks' Clips at that point. Rt-click and choose Ripple Delete to close that gap, or Clear to leave it.


                    As for starting a Project first, that is the basis for all work to be done, and its settings should reflect your source Assets. Trust me, you really do not want to even try to imagine Video editing without a Project. I know it sounds like unnecessary work, when all you want to do is just edit, but it is the entire foundation of any editing session. You cannot build a skyscraper without a foundation - you would not want to try it here either.


                    Good luck,