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    I must be the only one who can't edit AVCHD

    Gary Agoura Level 1

      I have Premire Pro CS4 4.1.0 installed on my Mac Pro.

      Mac Pro 2 Quad Core 2.4Ghz CPU with 6GB RAM and 1TB SATA Hard drives.


      Screaming fast system.




        I have a Sony HDR-SR8 AVCHD camera.  I imported the video.  When I put the video on the timeline and play it, the video is not at the best resolution.  It is a bit choppy.  Don't know why.  Nobody seems to have this problem except me.


      I did an import at 1080 60i.  I also tried 50i.  Both provide the same results.


      I then took an SDHD card to best buy.  I took some test video on their 1920x1080i camera.  Brand new.  Brought the SDHD card home.  Imported the video.  Same thing.


      Video looks choppy.


      I read all the posts and nobody else has the same problem?


      I don't know what else to do.