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    Limitation to 15 states or fewer


      Is there a work around for this limitation? I need to create about 40 states total for my project.



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          acath Level 4



          There's no way to remove the limitation - we put that limitation in place so that the beta won't run dog-slow. However, you should consider breaking your application into custom sub-components with their own states. There's a great thread on how to do that here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2154082#2154082



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            Caoboy007 Level 1

            Thank You. I'll try it ASAP.

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              Tvoliter Adobe Employee

              With the release of Beta II, this limit has been increased to 20 states since Flash Catalyst now has better performance with larger projects. It is still recommended however, to limit project complexity by pushing functionality down into Custom Components.



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                m4tt b4ss3tt

                Hi Ty,


                I'm hoping you can help me, I've recently started using Fc and absolutely love it, the ain issue is the state limit, you have mentioned the use of custom components, could you lay it out for me as to the process of creating this.  My states are mostly very similar using common menus etc, can I convert existing created pages into cust comp or will i need to start over?


                1.While I have your ear I also wanted to ask about a slight colour/saturation change I have noticed between the psd file and the finished site? is there an easy way to sort this?


                2. Is there a method to have a vert scrolling set of images going through the page while navigation menus stay put?


                thanks in advance.



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                  Tara Jane Feener Level 3

                  Hey Matt,

                  I'll take a crack at this one if that's okay with you


                  Lets break down each question.

                  If I interpret any incorrectly, let me know.


                  1) What are some best practices for creating custom components in Catalyst?

                  You should take a step back and look at your application.

                  Are there pieces of the application which have different states (or views) at different times?

                  Is there anywhere where you're switching states to achieve change something small?

                  You can't take an entire page and literally convert it to a custom component, but if you have:

                  A menu, a content area, and a header, you can select all the items in the content area and convert that to a custom component.

                  This way, when you click a menu item for example, you can set the state of the custom component content area (one state might be a welcome screen/image, one state might be an about us explanation, or a contact form, so on).


                  This article also expands on some best practices for Flash Catalyst, and has a blurb on this issue, particularly the section titled:

                  "Undertake tasks in the right order": http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashcatalyst/articles/flash_catalyst_best_practices.html


                  It's kind of complicated to explain without an example, so if this isn't clear let me know.  I can look at your fxp and give some advice based on the look and feel.


                  2) Is there a way to fix any color/saturation change between PS and Catalyst?

                  Does this thread answer your question: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2436166#2436166


                  3) Is there a method to have a vert scrolling set of images going through the page while navigation menus stay put?

                  Are you using a datalist for your vertical scrolling set of images?

                  If not, this sounds like what you need.

                  Select one of the images you'd like to scroll, right click and choose 'convert artwork to component' -> datalist.

                  Double click the newly created datalist.

                  Select the image.

                  Choose 'convert artwork to component part' -> Repeated Item from the HUD (floating help panel).

                  Now you'll see your image duplicated vertically multiple times.

                  In the design time data panel, you can click the duplicate image, and replace it with the other images you'd like to see.

                  Drag a scrollbar out from the wireframe components panel such that you'll be able to scroll the list vertically to see all of your images.

                  Does this achieve what you're looking for?

                  If not, could you elaborate further on the desired behavior?


                  Hope this helps, thanks for posting!


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                    m4tt b4ss3tt Level 1

                    Thanks Tara,


                    Creating custom components seens to be a very tricky process to explain as it is dependent upon alot of different factors, fortunately I managed to work it out with a bit of time, but thank you for your sugestions.  The colour issue was also something I sorted once I had my head on straight!


                    I'm looking forward to trying your suggestion for the scrolling images, on this subject I wondered if you could tell me if the default scrolling bars (in the wireframe menu) will always look so basic or only while in Fc? is there a way to make them look like standard PC or Mac scroll bars?


                    Finally I have read all the tutorials I can about tiling backgrounds, I have played about with options in Fc but none of them ever seem to work for me, is there any advice you can give me on this? would it be helpful to see my project? if so whats the best way for you to view it?


                    Thanks in advance,





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                      Tara Jane Feener Level 3

                      Hey Matt,

                      I'm glad to hear you're getting the hang of creating custom components.

                      So the scrollbars we provide in the Wireframe Components panel have a Wireframe theme applied (typically blue and white).

                      You can customize the look and feel of these scrollbars by double clicking them to edit in place, and then double clicking each part (up button, down button, track, scrolling thumb) to change their appearance.

                      We don't provide scrollbars with the system look and feel, but I'm sure by applying the right styles you can get close.

                      This may be out of date, but one of our users replicated the mac theme using the Catalyst provided drawing tools: http://blog.flexgeek.in/2009/11/somethinglikemac/


                      For 'tiling the background', this is how I do it:

                      1) Import the image you'd like to tile as the background image.

                      2) Drag it to the top right corner of the artboard.

                      3) Making sure it's selected, look in the properties panel for the 'scaling' field

                      4) Change it from stretch to tile

                      5) Now change the width and height of the image to match the artboard.

                      Does this work for you? And if not, what is it you'd like to achieve?



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                        m4tt b4ss3tt Level 1

                        Hello again Tara,


                        I've given your suggestion re the vert scrolling images a go and it seems to have worked, the issue at the moment is as follows:


                        my artboard is 900 px wide by 600 px high, this contains all necessary info, however I want this window to be expandable, by making the artboard the same colour as my pages it does expand but I really want the 900 x 600 artboard to stay top left justified and not dragged into the centre, how is this done?



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                          Tara Jane Feener Level 3

                          Hey Matt,

                          Does this thread answer your question?



                          If not let me know and I'll expand.



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                            m4tt b4ss3tt Level 1

                            Hey Tara,


                            So basically it can't be top left justified in Fc? but could be tweaked in Fb?


                            Thx again.

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                              Tara Jane Feener Level 3


                              Although it has been a requested feature and is something we're thinking about.


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                                m4tt b4ss3tt Level 1

                                Thank you for all your help