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    Silly Me, "An internal build error has occurred."

    Ratsnackbar Level 2

      I just ran into this error and spent the last several hours racking my brain to figure out what I might have done wrong.  I finally found it and figured I would post my mistake so that it might help if someone else were to run into the same problem.  This was such a silly mistake that I imagine (and hope) that I will be alone in my discovery.


      I discovered that one of my RemoteClass Declarations had an = sign after it so it looked like this.  (Notice the = after the RemoteClass)




      When it should be:




      Such a simply little thing but because internal build errors do not give much to go on it took meticulously  looking through each line of code for every class I had just been working with to find it.


      Note this was in Flash Builder 4 but I added the same project into Flex Builder 3 and it caused the same error.


      Oh well, lesson learned.  Hope this hint helps someone else.