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    RH8 "Kindly generate WebHelp SSL layout" Eclipse script error message

    Dee E

      I give. It seemed to offer help, of the kindly sort, but in fact it ends the process without doing its job of producing Eclipse help.


      Searching the Help for this error message gives no clue. "WebHelp SSL layout" returns no help results.


      Here was my process: Word import to RH8, generate WebHelp, then run RH8 Tools>Scripts>EclipseHelp


      I notice there is a WebHelp.ssl file in my project directory.


      Are the scripts still in Alpha state... the script appears to be eHlpDhtm.js, I tried to edit it in RH8 but got another error, "navigator undefined".


      Any ideas, before I go back to Dreamweaver.... ?


      thanks, -Dee

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          Siddharth Sodhani

          How to create Eclipse Help from RoboHelp 8.


          1.    Go to Tools->Options: Check flag “Convert RoboHelp edited topics to HTML”

          2.    Create an empty directory say "MyHelpPlugin" under plugins folder of Eclipse. You can find the plugins directory in the Eclipse Installed folder.

          3.    Generate WebHelp SSL

          4.    Open Scripts Explorer pod, View->Pods->Script Explorer

          5.    Run the Script “EclipseHelp.jsx”

          6.    Select the generated webhelp SSL folder i.e. WebHelp (<name>) under !SSL! folder.

          7.    Click Ok

          8     In Select Eclipse Plugin directory, choose the same folder as in Step 2 ("MyHelpPlugin”) under plugins folder of Eclipse.


                 Caution: Contents of the folder would be deleted, so double-check the folder selected.

          9.    Click Ok

          10.  In “Describe plugin.xml file” dialog, specify the name of Help and provider name

          11.  Click Ok

          12.  View help in Eclipse by Help -> Help Contents


          And you should be able to view your Help as a Book in Eclipse..!!!


          Comments/Feedback welcome




          RoboHelp Engineering Team

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            Dee E Level 1

            Thank you Siddharth, that did the trick! I needed to using the Scripts pod (which is very cool). Great, time to take my experiments to the next level!


            BTW, I did get a "Script Failed" message which then switched to "Script Succeeded"; there may be a glitch but I don't know for sure; it seems to have worked fine.


            Cheers, -Dee