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    Compound Blur Trouble CS4

    Mike Hoover

      In previous versions I've made extensive use of compound blur, but in CS4 it seems to be inoperable.


      In 4.1 it works somewhat, however in most cases at a blur setting of 20...not 19.9 or 20.1 mind you...there is no blur, except on a few instances.


      It was not easy to determine this, however, since most of the time PP hangs as soon as you move to the effect.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Please tell us about the Assets, that you are applying Compound Blur to. While you are at it, maybe give us some info on your Sequence/Project.


          Thanks, and good luck,



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            Mike Hoover Level 1

            A hobby of mine is TiVoing interesting shows and putting them on DVDs for my friends and family.  I use Compound Blur on those annoying lower-third ads that soil most commercial programming these days.


            I capture the programs as DV files using a Canopus ADVC-300, and use the standard 48kHz DV project.


            I implement the blur effect by razoring around the part with the ad, then placing a title in the video 2 track as a control.  In the title I put a rectangle in the appropriate area, shut off the fill, turn on the shadow with 100% opacity, 0 andgle, distance and size, a spread of 100 and color white.  I leave the blur amount at the default 20, and of course I set the blur layer to video 2, which I disable so the rectangle is not visible.


            When CS4 came I found that this gave me no blur at all, so I had to retreat to CS3 when I needed this functionality.  Later on...I don't remember if it was after v4.1...I found that if I set the blur amount to other than 20, it would work, but that wasn't consistent.  Also, there was trouble with the program freezing when the playhead was moved onto a clip with CB.  I was able to repeat this consistently before giving up.


            I have reloaded 4.0 and re-upgraded to 4.1 in an effort to solve the problem of no screen monitor update when also outputting to firewire and had no improvement on either problem.


            Yesterday I went thru a project of 6 one-hour programs (a series on Gen. Patton) and removed all the CB filters and replaced them with black titles.


            As of today, when I attempted to make a small project to demonstrate the problem, everything works fine for the first time!  This is exasperating...I must surely be insane now.  I'm going to reconstruct the Patton project and see what happens.


            Your prayers will be welcome.

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              Mike Hoover Level 1

              Well, here's an update...I went back to the 6-hour Patton project and I replaced all the blur effects (about 10 per sequence, 6 sequences), playing each one as I went, and they all went in fine.


              Then when I went back to the first sequence and previewed the first blur, the program froze like before.  The sound keeps playing, and when the blurred clip is done the monitor continues showing the program, but there's an hourglass cursor and the whole program is unresponsive.


              I tried removing the other 5 sequences, and that didn't help, but removing other blurs on the sequence did.  I also tried replacing the clip with a shorter one in hopes of being able to post the files on my web page, but I couldn't get a failure even placing 10 blur effects on the sequence, and copying that 5 or so times.


              This is by far the most frustrating problem I've ever had.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                annoying lower-third ads that soil most commercial programming these days.


                Amen, brother.  This country would have been better served if Obama had given up on his Socialistic dreams for America and instead gotten Congress to ban any type of modification of broadcast program material.  No graphic adds, no station logos, no more "what's on now, what's coming up next", no more CC or HD logos, nothing.  Anyone cutting commercial breaks out of a TV recording should end up seeing exactly the same thing as someone who purchased the DVD of that show.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  OK Mike, this does not address why you are getting the "hang," but let's try something a bit different, just to see if it works and also works for what you want to do. I'm talking Track Matte Keying. Here is a TUTORIAL on doing this, from Curt Wrigley's site. The tutorial was done in an earlier version of PrPro, but IIRC you won't have to do any interpolation to CS4. It's quick, can be dynamic and you can get artsy with it - better than a blackout Title.


                  Now, Curt's tutorial was done to show how to "soften" skin-tomes, but not soften the eyes, etc., in a dynamic scene with a young lady. Close your eyes, and imagine that you want to do more than soften - you want to obliterate the bugs, and similar.


                  Let me know if this will work for you,


                  Good luck,



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                    Mike Hoover Level 1

                    I viewed that, and it's a useful thing to know.  My own workaroud has been to use a dupe clip with the 4-point garbage matte.  It's easy to move around if necessary, and by applying the blur over it I get a nice soft edge, too.


                    You know what would be really nice? (hint hint)...a keyframeable bezier shape like in AE.


                    Thanks for your help.

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                      Mike Hoover Level 1

                      Well, here's an update to the Compound Blur trouble...


                      I'm now running CS5 on a new core i7 2.8 gHz w/16gb mem, W7 Pro, and C.B. is immediately reproducing the problem with blur setting 20.  It starts out ok, but after placing a few more in the timeline, I go back to the original ones and I'm getting no blur.  Change it to some other number and it blurs, back to 20, and no blur.


                      I don't know if it's 20 per se, or maybe if I started with a different setting, then that one would go bad.


                      So far, no freeze up, but I've only applied a few instances so far.


                      Stay tuned...

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                        Mike Hoover Level 1

                        Here's an update...I removed the C.B. instances, saved the project, and after several of the usual crashes on exit, I restarted the app and placed new blurs, starting them off with blur values of 30.  Sure enough, when I went back to the first one, it wasn't working at 30.  29,9? Ok. 30.1? Ok. 30.01? Ok. But not the original value.


                        It seems that this software is like current politics...you hope for change, and get nothing.