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    Brushes could be so much better!

    Gary Politzer Level 2

      I find I'd need to spend a week building & configuring brushes if I really want to use Photoshop in a painterly manner.  It is so unwieldy to load yet another set of brushes only to find that maybe not even one is useful.  And I don't want to have to hunt through 50 or 100 useless brushes to find the one I want.  I want to be able to have a small set of very useful brushes.  Why doesn't one ship with Photoshop?  You guys can do better.  Talk to some real painters.


      Accessibility is a big key.  The painter just grabs the desired brush.  Let me drag favorite brushes to the tool bar, or at least let me easily make a custom set.  I have a 30 inch display.  There is a big blank toolbar across the top.  I want to put brushes and color chips there.  Photoshop is made by amazing engineers, but needs to be usable by artists.  Our brains work differently.  When software is unintuitive, spontaneity suffers.

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          Reynolds (Mark) Level 4
          There is a big blank toolbar across the top.

          Yes agree on that one, unfortunately the interface designers for the last three versions have disappeared slowly up their own a&*ses, so far that basic principles like accessable screen space have been lost.


          I don't think at present photoshops brushes are 'painterly' at all. I dont think they are intended to be that way. Next version ;-)