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    Audio volume

    mejanr Level 1


      I have adjusted the volume of my clip audio with rubberband right to the top, but it is still mostly only -18 level in mixer, though the louder spikes reach up to -6. Will that be loud enough to be heard??



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Probably not.


          As I say in my book, you've got two other options:


          1) Right click on the audio track and select Audio Gain, then Normalize. This should automatically bring the track volume up for you.


          2) You can add multiple Volume audio effects to a clip, setting each to maximum, to increase the levels of very low audio.


          Do note, though, that the louder you bring up low volume, the more likely you'll also hear background noise and tape hiss -- but that's just the nature of audio.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Steve. I'm not normally a big fan of the Normalize Effect, but this might be a really good place to use it.


            I personally like the additional control afforded by Audition, over PrE, or PrPro, with this Effect. However, that is a separate, and not at all a freeware program. I would look into doing the Audio work in the freeware program, Audacity. I have not used its Normalize Effect, but everything about that little program, that I have used has been very good.


            Again, I use Audition for noise reduction (background, etc.) and it's very good. I have been impressed by a much less-expensive program, Magix Audio Cleaning Lab. With just its Presets, I find that it does as good a job, as I can do in Audition, with tons of custom settings. I got it bundled with another Magix product, and pretty much dismissed it as a "toy." It sat unused on my workstation for some time, and one day I decided to give it a go on a particuarly tough Audio restoration job, thinking I was going to get a laugh. Well, the "laugh" was on me, as it did with some Presets, what I had just spent an hour on, with Audition. Now, I'm not saying that for what it does, it's better than Audition, only that with this piece of Audio, it was better than I was, with Audition. I soon incorporated it into my Audio restoration workflow.


            Good luck,



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