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    Hardware acceleration / How IDS works behind the scenes

    Patrick Schulz

      Hi there,


      this question seems to be a bit off topic, but I'll post it anway.

      Currently I'm investigating a performance problem we have while rendering some files and how to solve this.

      Well there are big images linked into the file and tons of objects are copied into the document.

      All in all this takes about 50 seconds to render / process the whole document.

      Well, I think some operations we do lead to this long running job, but this I'll check at a later point.


      Now I want to check how we could improve the performance via hardware / setup.

      Do you know if this is documented anywhere or do you have experience with it?

      We use IDS under Windows.


      Does IDS use GPUs or can benefit of it?


      Am I right that one IDS instance can only use one CPU core at a time?


      Does IDS manage multiple instances itself and use the next free core for the next instance?


      ...and a lot of other quesitons I forgot.






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          There is some usefull info in this PDF called "ADOBE INDESIGN CS4 SERVER SCALABILITY AND PERFORMANCE" (see attachment).


          Furthermore, it is also a matter of testing to find the best setup for your production/jobs. But I agree the documentation is limited (or maybe cannot find it). In my opinion it is best to just go ahead and just test the server for the questions you have. The documentation can provide guidelines but there are just a lot of variables that influence performance.


          Hopefully the scalability and performance document helps a bit...