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    Resolution / Sizing questions

    JayJhabrix Level 3

      I know, i know.... oft asked and oft answered... did a search but couldn't really find an adequate answer/s. ok, here goes...


      Master artwork sent to me by someone else... was done in CS2 Mac. I'm using CS3 PC.


      1/ How do i find out the default document preset resolution?And change that if necessary? The file is for press quality printing.


      2/ Linked and then embedded images... Lets say the original.tif file is 18 cm x 12 cm at 300 ppi. Final size in the document is 9 cm x 6 cm. Is it better to scale down to actual, final used size in PS or is it ok to let Illustrator (CS3) do the scaling?


      Suggestions of using InDesign are not welcome As that's not an option...