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    Redesign 'File info' Dialogue Window

    AlexMxi Level 1

      In CS4 the File Info dialogue window became much less convenient than in previous version.

      It needs some redesign to make life easier for those who use it often.


      - Easier access to the window (from the right click menu).

      - Access to the previous entries for title, description etc. (Was available in CS3 but has gone in CS4, why???)

      - Larger 'keywords' input area (5-6 lines would be good), so we can see what is already entered.

      - The way it selects the whole data from the field doesn't make the process easier, on the contrary it only adds extra clicks when you want to add, remove or edit kewords which happens much more often than copying the whole data.


      I am sure that many other photographers who keyword their images will agree with me.

      I hope it's not very complicated to implement and we can see this update soon.

      Thank you!