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    Removing image size from tag


      Hi all!


      I have the following problem.

      All the RH's project files are translated automatically by the Passolo software.

      All is good but every image size is specified directly in html and different languages require different images.


      HTML standard does not require "Width" and "Height" properties to be specified directly. This will cause browser to spend more time to build the page. This is not critical for me. So what should I do to delete those properties from <img> tag?


      Truning off "Preferred size" checkboxes in the Image Properties dialog doesn't help.

      I try to leave those fields empty but RH fills them in when I open the dialog again.


      If I open true code and erase the properties from tag they will appear again when I open Design mode.

      But if I generate the target it will not contain "Width" and "Height". This is very confusing because RH dispays them. And I don't know - have I erase them already or not?


      The problem is in RH7 and RH8. I've installed trial version of Madcap Flare - it has options on image sizes such as "default", "auto", "as is". Why RH doesn't have them??? How can I say to RH to leave <img> tag clear?

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          JaredHess Level 1

          I ran into similar issues. Our work around was to use a custom VB tool I created that removes the size attributes from all .htms in a project. This is a post process step on the files we get back from our translators. Also, we do not translate the RH source documents precisely for reasons such as this. Rather, we decompile our HTML Help file and send the decompield files to our translators. When that's done, we simply recompile the help using FAR HTML and all the image sizing is based on the image's actual size--it's not controlled at all at the tag level. This way RH doesn't have a chance to interfere in any way. Only our English help file is compiled within RH.