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    browsing local file system / skining FileReference.browse() window




      Im not a flex professional, just getting to know it.

      My client has a requirement to be able to browse local file system, in a way

      that directory structure and files (along with their thumbnails) are visible from flex

      application (not air).

      I told him that this is not possible, but just wanted to check to be sure.

      There are some enhancements in flash 10 I heard.


      You can have a FileReference, and load method that loads file content to flex

      application, but, my understanding is, those file has to be manually selected by

      user in operating system window that pops up when we call to FileReference.browse()

      method. And there is no other way to list local files and directories from flex.


      Am I correct?


      So the other issue is, are we having any control on how this FileReference.browse()

      window looks ? I think that not, and its window from operating system, just wanted to be sure.


      thanks in advance