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    Never in all my years have I seen this cut and paste problem - can anyone help?


      Hi all... I've been using Illustrator since v5, and never before has something foxed me as much as this...


      I have a document supplied from a customer to make up into packaging artwork. To start with, the file is 19MB which set the alarm bells ringing, as it has no images etc, and is fairly simply made up (it's a milk carton sleeve). However, when you copy any single element (even a simple shape) from the file and paste to a new doc it takes literally 2 mins to copy, and a minute or so to paste it into the new doc, and then comes in with nearly 100 colours - all called 'Deleted Global Color (1-100)'. You can delete these colours by selecting remove unused colours, but even then when you save the file down (an A4 page with a simple shape coloured in black), the file is 47MB!!! (which is obviously why I can't attach it)...


      I've looked in the appearances etc and nothing seems untoward - all masks have been disabled etc. As you can imagine, the file is very hard to work with, and even to deconstuct it is proving to be an impossible feat.


      If anyone has ever seen anything like this or if anyone knows what might be causing the problems or can suggest any way of tackling it, then I can be most grateful. I can supply a file if needed, but as mentioned, they are quite large!


      Thanks in anticipation, Karl