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    Design Suite CS4 says already installed on 2 machines


      Hello! I wasn't sure which part of the forum I should post this in, so please move it elsewhere if it's in the wrong place.


      I'm using Adobe Design Suite CS4 which I recently got and installed on my home laptop. And I must say I'm loving it! But when I took the installation discs to my office to install it on my desktop computer at work, after a successful initial installation I got a message saying something like "You've already installed this sofware with this serial number on two machines, so you either need a new serial number or deactivate an existing one."


      I thought this was strange because as far as I know, I had only installed this on one computer: my home laptop. My work computer should be my 2nd machine. The only explanation I can think of is that it's because while I was installing it for the first time on my home computer, it decided to reboot automatically for an upgrade (it's Vista, unfortunately)... and when it had finished rebooting the installation had ended up as an error and I was forced to start the process all over again. So I typed in the serial number twice on one computer. Could this be the reason why I am experiencing this problem?


      The work computer's Adobe Suite will shut down in a couple more weeks, so I need to solve this asap. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!