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    Cursor Placement


      In Adobe LIvecycle when object validation fails I need to have cursor stay in the field until the user fixes the field.  Currently the cursor jumps to the next field and the erroneous data stays in the prior field.  What do I need to do to fix this?

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          pguerett Level 6

          How are you doing the validation .....through a script?


          What type of validation ...mandatory field or other validation?



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            Schreiner_Adobe Level 1

            Hi - no script - just using the Field/Value tabs on the Object Window.  It is a required field.  It is a date of birth field -

            have the Display Pattern set to 99/99/9999; Edit Pattern set to 99/99/9999; validation pattern set to 99/99/9999.  If user enters 5/19/81 gets error message but cursor ends up in the next field over and the user can continue on with the form without actually correcting the field.  Not good - and I cannot seem to fix.

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              pguerett Level 6

              You are getting the error because you have an edit pattern (this defines how the user is to input the data). I woudl not use an edit pattern and simply define a display pattern (how the data is viewed on the screen). Now validations are run when a submit button is pressed. At that time all validations are run and if the field fails validation you are told and the field gets a red border and the cursor is placed in the field.


              There is no automated option of validating the field as you exit it unless you write script.


              Hope that helps



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                Schreiner_Adobe Level 1

                Thanks.  The error message is legit when user enters 5/19/07 or 51907.  We want them to enter 05192007 (or 05/19/2007), i.e. MMDDYYYY.  The problem is when they don't the cursor ends up in the next field over and they are not "forced" to fix the date field until they attempt to email the form and they're told to fix it.


                The behavior we'd like is after they receive the error message is for the cursor to end up back in the date field and they must fix the date before proceed to fill out the rest of the form.

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                  pguerett Level 6

                  Then your only option is to write script to test at the field level and force the cursor back there in the script. The automated way will not do what you want.



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                    Schreiner_Adobe Level 1

                    Paul - thank you -- that's what I finally figured out, but is good to have it confirmed.  Appreciate your help!