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    AE CS4 freezing on mac – because of audio gear?!

    riki Level 1

      hi, been having a load of issues in the last months with AE (i'm on  CS4 / 9.0.2 and a macpro 10.5.8 and 5 gigs of ram), but couldn't find a reaason for it until now – maybe...


      here's what been happening

      – when previewing movies, ae renders and starts previewing, but crashes pretty soon (WODing)

      – when rendering, ae works nicely but hangs itself after it's done. movie is ok, but it just sits there, like on the last frame.


      after spending days of searching forums – trashing preferences, rebuilding permissions, setting and resetting memeory and render settings – i finally concluded that it's an audio thing. when i render without audio everything is fine. when i don't use my audio interfaces – everything is fine. it's enough if i change the settings in the system preferences and in ae preferences (audio hardware). i even tried to fiddle around with the settings in the audio/midi utility but couldn't figure out what the ae 9.0.2. settings are.


      can anybody at adobe tell me what's up? i need to work with sound.