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    Help with Editing Jazz Elite HDV 188 Camcorder video footage


      Hi All,

      I really hope you can help me. Not sure if I am posting in the correct area, but this is the only site that has extensive expertise in this area. I am trying to edit the avi files from my HD camcorder inside Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. The videos are HD 1280x720 (half regular HD resolution).

      After a while, while doing editing like cutting clips and re arranging clips I loose the video, it just goes black. I dont have an HD computer, but at first it seems like everything works, then all goes crazy. I have all the drivers and video codecs that came with camcorder installed.

      The only place where I can edit the videos is using the software that came with camcorder called Arcsoft Media Impression. This software gives me limited editing capability. I really want to use Premiere. I even tried converting the HD video to Quicktime, and various other formats, and i still get same issues.

      I am using an HP Pavillion zd8000 with 2gig ram, windows XP pro, 32 bit. I have no problem editing regular DV video using firewire from my older camcorder.

      Is there something else i need to edit HD video in Premiere Pro CS4, where I can then export to Regular formats or something that i can the use video in other places or application.

      many thanks