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    Confused on SQL Assembler

      Hi All, I've been reading through the Livecycle Dataservices developers guide on SQL Assembly and am very confused by the syntax of the SQL queries. A few questions if you could answer for me.

      1) Where would one look for documentation on how to create the sql queries? The developers guide seems to be lacking this.
      2) Is it possible to call a single field in a SELECT statement? All examples I can find all use a "*" for the field, but in normal query language you can call a specific field.
      3) What do all the "#" mean when wrapped around variables, I'm assuming they are for searching, but I'm confused on where the documentation is that explains this and confused on why they are there?
      4) What about table joins? Isn't this possible? Is there any documentation on this?

      I'm sure I'm just missing the correct documentation somewhere, with good documentation one does not need much help.

      Thanks a bunch for any help pointing me in the right direction.