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    Reader 9.1.0 Crashes or slow when opening files over a network


      Hello all.  I am having a problem with Reader 9.1.  I have files that are on another computer that are accessed on other computers on the network.  There is a need for up to 21 of these files to be open at one time.  As we update the information on them we close them.  At random times and intervals, Reader either is very slow to open up the file, around 5min. and other times it just locks up the computer and a restart is required.  Is this a limitation of the program to work with files on another system?  I do not know much about Reader it's self, but do windows.  Any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated.  I have included the System Paramaters and Installed Plug-ins reports generated in Reader.  I have also tried updating Reader with the lates patch, but that just makes it worse.