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    How best to handle components that slide in and off the page?


      I want to create my site to show my components slide in from right to left.  So when I go start the application the page is blank and then component1 slides in to the center from the right, when I progress from that state to the next, I want component1 to slide of stage to the left and component2 to slide in from the right and stop in the center of the page, like how component1 entered.  I also want to reverse this, so when I go from component2 to component1, that 2 slides to the right off stage, 1 slides to the right on stage.


      I hope that all makes sense.


      I am trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this.  At first I thought each component would have a "Left" "Center" and "Right" state of their own, and I would also have states for the overall project, but when I tell component1 to go to state "Left" and I then switch the project's state, it doesn't wait for component1 to finish, it switches them both at the same time.  Can I sequence transitions (both from a component and from the overall project)?


      Should I have each component not have any states of their own and just control everything in the project's states?  I was hoping to make them easily transferable between projects and contain their transitions (because I won't be ableto do this once I start doing more complex transitions).


      Any ideas on how to go about this?