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    IndexChangedEvent bug?

    flairjax Level 1

      So I am using a dropdownlist component and listening for the IndexChangedEvent on a selectionChanged event.  According to the docs this event is suppose to have an "inputType" var.




      But when looking at the event in the expression window this var doesn't exist for this event.


      Am I missing something?  I need to be able to tell if the selectionChanged event was caused by a mouse or through code.


      TIA, J

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          TeotiGraphix Level 3



          I am implementing a ViewStack and TabNavigator in Spark, I noticed that there a 2 index change events;


          IndexChangedEvent : halo uses this event (mx.events)

          IndexChangeEvent : spark uses this event (spark.events)


          In the spark class there is;






          event types


          If you look in the open source wiki there is an articale on reimplementation of how the framework sends out change events.


          Although now looking through the source code, there is no inputType property.






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