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    FLV player instance help.


      Hey I hope everyone is well. Basically, I have an embeded FLV player that streams videos from my web server. The player is inside an existing Flash SWF. Therefore, when I impliment fullscreen instead of just the video footage in the FLV player being fullscreen, the original goes full screen. Is there not a way with actionscript to target ONLY the videos in the FLV player? I am thinking of using the FLV players instance name but am not sure how to. Here is the current actionscript that is in the player.
      This code works fine but only for the .SWF in which is home to the FLV player.
      Once again, there is a player that streams FLV's from my webserver on the flash page of the original swf. The SWF object is obviously set to that swf so are the full screen parameters. Therefore I need to find a way via AS to target the instance of the FLV player to go fullscreen on ITS footage, and not the whole SWF.

      Thanks again for any help