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    trying to create a contact email form using php script

    TZiady Level 1
      Hello All;

      I have a contact form in a flash movie. The form has like 10 1 line fields and 1 comment / multiline box. I am an extreme newbie so bare with me. In the contact flash form I have a submit button with the following action code attached to it is attached.

      The commented out code is my attempt of making sure that certain fields are filled out by the end user before they hit submit, but that is another problem that I will deal with once I get the form to actually send an email.

      The php file that is suposed to send the mail is also attached. This doesn't really work. I have no idea why and I have been reading tutorials and websites all day. I am about to buy one of the $6 flash submission forms, but would really rather make mine work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am doing this in Flash CS3 but using AS2.0. If there is anything additional you need me to link let me know. The form is at http://www.remedypgh.com and click on the contact button/links.

      Thanks allot in advance for your help.