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    Illustrator or Indesign


      I have on going conflict within my graphics department on choice of application for graphic projects. I specialize in various size print ad designs - exp: 4 X 3, 5X 4 inches etc.. The other graphic designer does multple page newsletters etc. and he uses InDesign and Quark - and appropriatly so. SOme times we do need to cover each other when there is work overload - because of what he is used to he creates single page small ads with inDesign - nothing really wrong with that but it disrupts my work system of having 99% of work done in AI.


      My stretegy is if it is not a multiple page use AI... and AI is more versetile in manupilating text art and node editing and with mutiple artbors option mutiple page option is becoming slim.


      Can you all give your 2 cents on this view..

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          [scott] Level 6

          I'll use either.


          I've set single page ads in ID and I've set them in AI. It all depends on the overall design I guess. I tend to use ID if the ad contains more linked items. I use AI if I want to alter type in a more dramatic fashion.


          There's no hard and fast reason to use one over the other for single pages. I've never bemoaned the use of either. Since I have both apps, it's never made a bit of difference to me which one I need to launch.


          Just take his/her ID files, export to PDF, open the PDF with Ai and save it. You then have an AI file. Can't do the same the other way around.