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    How to Record Audio over Multiple Slides

    Janis Taylor Level 1

      Hello -


      I used to record my audio separately and then import to my project. But I discovered the quality is just as good if I simply use the built-in Captivate recording function and record directly slide by slide. (I have version 4 by the way.) Anyway, in some cases it's too choppy to record a short phrase on a slide, it would sound 'smoother' if I could record a sentence or two and then apply it to two or three slides. But I don't know how to do this. When I 'import' a clip externally I can do it, but I can't figure out how to do it directly in Captivate.


      I hope I've explained this clearly. I'm sure many of you out there have already figured this out.





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          skwriter9 Level 1

          1. Select all the slides over which you want to distribute the new recording.

          2. Right-click to display the slide menu.

          3. Select Properties.

          4. Click the Audio tab. This is the same menu as for an individual slide. However, all slides are selected.

          5. Record the sentences. When you are finished recording the Distribution window appears.

          6. Select to distribute over the slected slides.

          7. Click OK. After you click OK the recording appears in the edit recording menu with sliders indicating which piece in the recording is assigned to each slide. You can adjust these sliders by moving them left and right for final adjustment.

          8. After you play align the recording with the slected slides click OK.


          I hope this helps.

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            Janis Taylor Level 1

            Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. But here's what's happening. Say I select slides 7-9 and follow your instructions. At step 6 in your instructions I get a choice to: 'distribute the audio file over several slides' (as opposed to over selected slides) and it opens the audio file at slide 1, rather than slide 7. I wonder what I'm doing wrong. By the way I'm selecting the slides by highlighting them in the 'filmstrip' window.