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    Drive Response Error with AVCHD Movies - Premiere 4.1.0

    AndiFlower Level 1

      Hi to all!


      If I try to work with AVCHD Movies, I get frequently the following error:


      Windows - Drive Not Ready
      Exception Processing Message 0xc00000a3 Parameters 0x75D092AO
      0x00000004 0x75D092AO 0x75D092AO


      even if I disconnect all exxternal and Network-drives and work only with my internal HD.


      then I loose the sound and Premiere CS4 freezes after a while.


      Have no such problems, when I work with other movie forrmats.



      My System:


      Premiere CS4 Pro 4.1.0


      Windows Vista Ultimate SP1

      RAM: 4GB

      CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 8500 3.16 GHZ

      HD: WD, 750 GB, SATA-300, 5400rpm, 8.9ms, 16MB


      Is my System to weak?


      Thanks in advance for any hint or information!