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    How to access Flex ArrayCollection component in Action Script?


      I have this code --


                  <mx:Label text="Style"/>
                  <mx:ComboBox id="cboStyle" initialize="{changeSkin('skins/Plain.swf');}" change="{changeSkin(cboStyle.selectedItem.data);}">
                          <mx:Object label="Plain" data="skins/Plain.swf"/>
                          <mx:Object label="BlueTan" data="skins/BlueTan.swf"/>
                          <mx:Object label="Brauwny" data="skins/Brauwny.swf"/>
                          <mx:Object label="Darknite" data="skins/Darknite.swf"/>
                          <mx:Object label="iCandy" data="skins/iCandy.swf"/>
                          <mx:Object label="Minty" data="skins/Minty.swf"/>
                          <mx:Object label="SimplicityGray" data="skins/SimplicityGray.swf"/>
                          <mx:Object label="SummerSky" data="skins/SummerSky.swf"/>


      I would like to do is instead of initialize="{changeSkin('skins/Plain.swf');}" is to actually refer to an item in the ArrayCollection.  How can I do this?  I am relatively new to Flex.  I assume there is someway to access the ArrayCollection and then access the individual array entry.